Security Management Systems

At Redline we offer you continuously improving services thanks to our compliance with the ISO 9001: 2008, Quality Management Systems: the model on which a security management system is based.

With services comprising training, quality assurance and consultancy, Redline’s methodology is integral to the SeMS components of resource, performance monitoring, continuous improvement, change management, and training and education.

Our training for your security personnel is designed, delivered, monitored and reviewed to ensure the appropriate education, skills and experiences are maintained. We also generate records to ensure the correct periodicity of training for you and your team.

Redline’s quality assurance of operational capability provides data, analyses for performance monitoring and reporting

This helps us and therefore helps you with our continuous improvement and management of change. It’s the very reason we initiated the concept of Contract Management Team meetings. (CMT)

Our consultancy services provide you with regulatory and compliance matters, authorship of Security Programmes (SPs), and audits of both the client and third party operations. Our outputs and corrective actions constitute an effective security governance mechanism, and are central to the Accountable Manager’s assessment that operational procedures comply with the SeMS requirement, and are aligned to Performance Based Regulation (PBR).

Redline are happy to advise you on the integration of products and services to a client’s SeMS process, offering bespoke solutions, and innovative systems that utilise software as a solution (SaaS) for collation and analysis of data.

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