Behavioural Detection Officer Training

1 to 2 Days
(NSTC) Doncaster, (LHR) London or on-site

Course Details

Today, more than ever, it is of paramount importance to identify, analyse and resolve suspicious behaviour, which is where Redline’s Behavioural Detection Officer Training can help you.

Thanks to trained individuals working with law enforcement officers in crowded places, criminal and terrorist attack detection has improved tenfold in the UK recently, and with Redline’s security awareness training, you too can help to minimise risk to your staff and assets.

This interactive course will provide your delegates with theoretical knowledge and practical experience, helping them to undertake the role of a behavioural detection officer whilst complementing well-established, industry standard security techniques.

Your delegates will be instructed on four key areas:

  • Observation
  • Communication
  • Identification
  • Resolution

Successful completion of the course will enable your team to:

  • Identify the everyday routine environment within a ‘live’ public area and how that environment changes according to unfolding situations and events
  • Identify the behavioural indicators that may be displayed by an individual in a ‘live’ operational context
  • Describe observational techniques that can be deployed in crowded public places
  • Outline the positive impact and importance of effective public engagement
  • Describe effective communication techniques necessary to confirm or dispel suspicion about an individual’s behaviour
  • Outline the key characteristics which can be exploited to combat terrorism and crime through case study
  • Identify the dangers of profiling suspicious behaviour based purely on racial stereotyping
  • Identify the legal and ethical considerations when carrying out behavioural detection operations

How Will This Training Benefit Me?

Redline’s Behavioural Detection Officer Training is ideal for those working in:

  • Airports
  • Railway stations
  • Sea terminals
  • Transport interchanges
  • Sporting arena
  • Entertainment arena
  • Retail shopping centres
  • Event security

Where Can I Train?

Redline’s training takes place over one or two days, dependent upon your individual requirements. While the course is initially classroom-based, a large proportion of the training takes place in a crowded public space, giving you a better real life experience. Please note, all participants should dress appropriately. All students will operate in pairs both covertly and also in a high visibility role during the course, usually in teams of four to eight officers.

How Training With Redline Can Help You

Choose Redline for a professional, bespoke training course that helps you in the following ways:

  • Foster closer professional relationships with law enforcement and key stakeholders
  • Displaces the ‘problem’ elsewhere
  • Denies the criminal or the terrorist the space and time within which to operate
  • Enables detection and disruption at the planning stage
  • Provides a safer environment
  • Reduces vulnerability
  • Enhances public safety
  • Enhances the security officers’ knowledge of the working environment
  • Further professionalises the role of the security officer

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