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Redline recently hosted a visit from an overseas Civil Aviation Security regulator, with the aim to share expertise regarding the inspection and testing of aviation security functions between countries.

With emphasis on the EU’s Regulation 18 (National Quality Control), the regulators were hosted by Redline’s senior Directors and the company’s International Manager over a three-day event at the Aviation Security Training Centre (ASTC) in Doncaster.

During this time, the regulation team discussed the challenges faced in the implementation of National Quality Control at their airports and the issues by regulators to ensure security is effective at all levels.

Concentrating on the specific areas of x-ray screening and body searching, the teams discussed the detailed experience gained by the Redline team in relation to effective screening and the quality assurance aspects required by the EU as well as National Authorities. An holistic approach to quality assurance was shared by the teams for consideration and implementation. The information exchange included the use of a live central screening exercise carried out with the use of the ASTC’s fully equipped search area.

Further sharing of national regulations between nations, and the difficulties faced in their implementation also highlighted the inconsistencies in the training of security personnel across the industry worldwide.

As the only ICAO endorsed Aviation Security Training Centre in the UK, Redline actively promotes the consistency of ICAO’s methodology as well as the EU. The baseline measures that the industry relies upon are crucial to reliability across security workforces, not just to address the threats and risks of today, but to be ready for the next attack. Training alone cannot maintain an effective workforce: with the use of a proactive Quality Control programme, vulnerabilities can be identified and rectified without the need for negative motivation by either regulator or security provider.

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Endorsed by International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) as an Aviation Security Training Centre (ASTC)

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