Redline Feature in the ICAO Symposium on Innovation in Aviation Security 21st – 23rd October 2014

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The senior management of Redline have been invited to take part in an ICAO sponsored symposium taking place in Montreal, Canada. For the first time ever, ICAO is bringing together government officials, regulators, airport authorities, airline executives, OEMs, academics and other senior decision makers to understand and guide future innovations in aviation security technologies. This unique three day event will focus on achieving win-win solutions for global aviation security and facilitation objectives, mainly by optimising existing technologies and procedures, strengthening partnerships between States and manufacturers, and driving increased innovation in AVSEC technology.

Based on the theme of Innovation for the Enhancement of Aviation Security, the first-ever Symposium on Innovation in Aviation Security will help States, industry, academic researchers and other AVSEC professionals explore how technology, tools and equipment can help States and industry meet both existing and future aviation security challenges.

The three-day Symposium will feature presentations and panels on themes such as: optimizing technology; promoting research and development; innovation in risk-based screening processes; enhancing screening processes; strengthening partnerships between State authorities and manufacturers/vendors; and, conclusions and closing remarks.

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Endorsed by International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) as an Aviation Security Training Centre (ASTC)

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