Suspected Terrorist Working at Heathrow

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There was a worrying breach of security at Heathrow this week, when a suspected terrorist was given access to restricted areas of the airport. Even though he has been flagged by the anti-terror watchlist, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamud was taken on as a kitchen porter and given a temporary security pass. While working at the airport, he gained access to the first-class lounge and the runway.

It was revealed that he had started working at critical parts of the airport without having a full background check. The checks would have revealed his alarming criminal past and terror connections. Mohamud could have been working at the airport for a month before being discovered, as a full background check takes about four weeks to complete.

Despite not knowing why he was given access to the airside, Heathrow has stated that they had followed all the correct procedures. They have said that because Mohamud only had a temporary pass he would have been screened and searched before gaining access to sensitive parts of the airport.

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