ICAO Year of Security Culture 2021

Redline are proud to be supporting ICAO’s Year of Security Culture 2021. The importance of understanding the threat to aviation and promoting best practices in security throughout the entire aviation industry is imperative to ensure safe operations and practices are delivered consistently and adopted worldwide.

What is the ICAO Year of Security Culture?

The ICAO Year of Security Culture (YOSC) aims to raise security awareness and promote a positive security culture in aviation operations across the world. It seeks to encourage and facilitate the enhancement of security behaviours and practices, focusing on the principle that security is everyone’s responsibility from the ground up and top-down.

 Aims and Objectives

To ensure the success of the YOSC, ICAO will focus on the following priority activities:

  • Execute a global security culture campaign, which will support the organization of national, regional and global events to raise security awareness in aviation, especially in the light of COVID-19;
  • Intensify collaboration with States and industry in supporting efforts to promote security culture in the
    greater aviation community, where security is everyone’s responsibility;
  • Issue relevant guidance on practical security culture communication strategies, plans and campaigns; and
  • Continue to offer training and assistance focused on promoting an effective and sustainable security culture within all organizations involved in civil aviation.
  • For more information regarding the ICAO YOSC and the aims and objectives of the programme see the ICAO website https://www.icao.int/Security/Security-Culture/Pages/YOSC-2021.aspx or download the ICAO Newsletter.

    How are Redline involved in the YOSC?

    As an ICAO endorsed Aviation Security Training Centre (ASTC) Redline is proud to support ICAO in spreading awareness and promoting the Year of Security Culture so that we can assist organisations worldwide in adopting a security culture that benefits both them and their operations.

    Craig Harrison, Director of Redline has written an article which outlines Redline’s involvement and mission regarding training of organisations and ensuring the adoption of a security culture, read the full article here

    What is a Security Culture?

    Security culture is a set of norms, beliefs, values, attitudes and assumptions that are inherent in the daily operation of an organization and are reflected by the actions and behaviours of all entities and personnel within the organization. Security should be everyone’s responsibility – from the ground up. Effective security culture is about:

  • Recognizing that effective security is critical to business success;
  • Establishing an appreciation of positive security practices among employees;
  • Aligning security to core business goals; and
  • Articulating security as a core value rather than as an obligation or a burdensome expense.
  • ICAO have released three informational videos explaining what exactly a security culture is and the benefits of embedding a security culture in your organisation.

    For more information and to view information videos https://www.icao.int/Security/Security-Culture/Pages/Security-Culture-Campaigns.aspx


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