Security Management Systems

Redline SeMS is a software framework with tailored functional area Add-ins. It is fully digitised, supporting electronic inputs where available, but is also able to support existing paper processes, with manual and/or spreadsheet inputs, if required. Redline SeMS uses a flexible web based architecture; it is able to be cloud hosted to support global access, but it also supports alternative hosting options to allow for different IT infrastructure and local data protection regulations. Redline SeMS runs on a wide variety of platforms, and supports multiple OS’s (including iOS) and browsers.

After a 6-month development and tailoring activity, the first global client went live in February 2016. It allows client site security representatives to complete their audits online using an intuitive, browser based audit entry Add-in. Audit entry is facilitated with full data consistency and validation checking, ensuring correction interpretation and completion of the audit questions. All audits, and associated corrective action plans, are stored in a relational database allowing near real-time reporting and analysis at all levels from site trending to corporate analysis of global and regional performance. This allows an ‘enter once, use everywhere’ implementation for all risk assessment audit data.

In addition to risk and compliance monitoring and reporting, the system is invaluable as a management tool for monitoring process performance. The dashboard provides an at-a-glance indication of KPIs for monitoring of internal performance and external vendor performance against agreed milestones and deliveries for business performance targets in addition to risk and compliance targets.

All requirements for cyber security, data protection and access rights are fully met to ensure that the system is secure and complies with national legislation.

Redline are happy to advise you on the integration of products and services to a client’s SeMS process, offering bespoke solutions, and innovative systems that utilise software as a solution (SaaS) for collation and analysis of data.

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