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The indiscriminate nature of never knowing when a terrorist incident will happen, where it will happen or what the intended target will be, means it could literally be anywhere and at any time. Whatever the intended target is, it will probably involve a dense crowd in which to maximise the effect and its publicity. Barriers may stop a vehicle but what about the terrorist on foot, concealing an automatic firearm or an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) under a coat or in a bag or backpack? Putting airport-style screening at the entrance to airports simply pushes the threat back to that area of the airport. It’s also impractical to put airport-style screening in place for major events and public gatherings, so what other options do you have?

Early detection by a trained Behaviour Detection Officer (BDO) can ensure the appropriate escalation takes place quickly. Ask yourself: When looking at crowd of people, would you genuinely know which person was acting suspiciously? If so, how could you confirm this without them knowing? And how would you know if their actions are because they’re hiding a bit of cannabis or because they have sinister intentions of detonating a backpack full of explosives?

Positioned correctly and integrated with CCTV, BDOs can be used upstream before the critical area giving you those vital few minutes required to escalate and intercept before it’s too late to escalate and isolate. Redline has a number of Behaviour Detection Courses designed to suit your needs and to cater for varying degrees of risk mitigation.

Behaviour Detection Training

Behaviour Detection Awareness Course (4-hour course): Designed to ensure staff are aware of the potential threats which would have ordinarily passed them without detection, how to respond to the potential threat and escalate it. This course teaches the theory required to be a Behaviour Detection Officer and includes table-top exercises to reaffirm understanding. The course gives the client and their staff complete awareness of what Behaviour Detection is and how its application can provide early detection of a potential threat.

Each delegate will receive a Redline BDA Attendance Certificate.

This course is also available online. View our BDA elearning.

Behaviour Detection Officer Course (3-day course): Designed to ensure security trained staff are taught to work as a team in which to identify potential threats, covertly entice the threat to reveal itself, carry out the necessary actions to dismiss it or escalate the threat. This course teaches all the theoretical modules and includes table-top exercises to reaffirm understanding. The teams are then deployed into a live environment to hone the practical skills of behavioural analysis and detection, culminating in live assessments of behavioural analysis and detection performance. The course provides the client with fully qualified BDO teams capable of working together to provide early detection of potential threats and deal with them in an environment which suits the client and not the terrorist.

Each delegate will receive a Redline BDO Certificate.

Behaviour Detection Officer Course for PSS (4-day course): Designed to teach a Public Space Surveillance (PSS) Security Officer how to integrate CCTV with BDO teams and the BDM for early detection and rapid escalation. This course covers everything taught in the BDO Course but integrates CCTV into the live training and assessments to maximise the opportunity of early detection. The course provides the client with a holistic approach to early detection of a threat while reducing the requirement to have BDOs covering every possible access route or access control point.

Each delegate will receive a Redline BDO incl. CCTV Certificate. The course can also be delivered as a standalone 1 day course where each delegate will receive a Redline Behavioural Detection using CCTV Certificate.

Behaviour Detection Managers Course (5-day course): Designed to teach Managers how to effectively deploy BDOs, coordinate them with CCTV, respond to potential threats, escalate them and manage the situation with the Police. This course covers everything taught in the BDO course, including the integration of CCTV. It teaches the Manager about the optimum deployment of BDO teams and how to best control and integrate BDOs to give the earliest possible detection. It also teaches them how to control a potential threat, including escalation processes working with Bronze and Silver Command where available and necessary. The outcome is to provide the client with a Manager capable of being responsible for early detection of potential threats using BDOs and of being the single point of contact for the escalation process and control of potential threats.

Each delegate will receive a Redline BDM Certificate.

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