Operational X-Ray Screener Course

As Required (Bespoke)
(NSTC) Doncaster or on-site

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Ensure your company adheres to modern day legislation with Redline’s x-ray screener training

Whether you’re a corporate client, a major event co-ordinator or a contributor to CNI, this comprehensive course can help you to comply with both national and international regulations, whilst ensuring that your  standards are enhanced in an efficient and bespoke operations training process.

Whatever your security training needs, Redline can offer a tailored package for you. The National Safety and Security Academy (NSSA) in Doncaster provides state of the art training facilities with a range of x-ray machinery from legacy systems to “new generation” technology. Redline will gladly assist you in using this technology on-site, or alternatively, can provide world class training at a location that is convenient for you.

Redline’s “on the job” quality assurance training will ensure that your x-ray screeners have a thorough understanding of how to detect threat and prohibited items from an x-ray image. All participants will be monitored to ensure their equipment is being used to its full potential as designed by the manufacturer. This new training approach has yielded significant improvements across all x-ray training sectors, and many participants have commented on their improved breadth of knowledge, including areas which are often overlooked such as dealing with prohibited items

For extensive knowledge and bespoke training, choose Redline, who will use their vast operational experience of challenging environments to help your staff go further.

To find out how your team could benefit from an x-ray screener training course, call 01302 288362 or complete the enquiry form below.


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Endorsed by International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) as an Aviation Security Training Centre (ASTC)

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