Designing for Security

The holistic analysis and understanding of risk is an essential first step to unlock commercial potential. Risk management provides a key support for decision making by providing the means to ensure that strategy and operations are more appropriately applied. It can, and should, provide an interface between decision making and the implementation of key functions, processes and infrastructure, which are required to achieve the key personal, organisational or community objectives. So, the consideration of risk, security and technology early in a project or programme leads to reduced costs and cost effective robust and resilient solutions.

Security risk management requires fundamentally that the person undertaking it has a thorough understanding of the principles and practice of risk management first and foremost, accompanied by a thorough understanding of security. Here at Redline we provide a fresh and innovative approach and deliver integrated solutions, based on risk, to complex challenges in high profile, high risk projects; thereby improving operational effectiveness whilst safe guarding people and assets appropriately.

At Redline we can support all your security designing needs, providing the intellectual rigor required to deliver cost-effective security solutions by the following collective or individual services tailored to your needs:

  • Undertake risk assessments and security audits in line with ISO 31000 to help organisations and designers understand their exposure to threats, and make better, informed responses, by producing a clear, rational and defensible understanding of the likelihood and impact of all security risks to a project.
  • Develop strategies that manage risk throughout the life of a project, programme or organization and provide detail to support budget submissions.
  • Provide advice, analysis and the design of protective measures, both physical and electronic supported by appropriate operational measures, in all industry sectors.
  • Help businesses, in both public and private sectors, build resilience, and protect people, assets and operations.
  • Production of business impact analyses and business continuity plans in line with ISO 22301 & ISO 22320 and exercises to support them.
  • Provide support to any major security related crisis with the deployment of a subject matter expert to provide ongoing advice to the Crisis Management Team (CMT).
  • Provide strategic security planning to underpin security management and act as corporate governance.
  • Work closely with clients in a collaborative manner to develop strategic plans tailored to individual business needs.

Sectors We Support:

  • Aviation/ Airports
  • Energy including Nuclear
  • Sport
  • Transport
  • Education
  • Health
  • Hotels & Commercial
  • Water
  • Government
  • Financial

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