Security Services

In order to guarantee quality assurance, your company should carry out audits, inspections and/or assessments on its operation. Whilst it is relatively easy to review airport security standards affecting your operation, it is more time consuming to review training standards, lesson plans, operational manuals and contingency procedures. Learn more about how Redline’s security services can help you, or take a look at the number of services we offer, including:

  • Behavioural assessment techniques and training
  • CCTV reviews and training
  • Implementation and quality assurance of Security Management Systems (SeMS)
  • Manned services
    • Bid and tender creation, oversight and transition
    • Change management
    • Embedded management
    • Holistic manned provisions
    • Mentors
    • Mobilisation management
    • Supervisors
    • Security officers
  • Quality assurance (covert and overt testing) & auditing
  • Security audits
  • Security reviews
  • Train the trainer

Rest Assured With Redline’s Security Quality Assurance

Learn more about how Redline’s security quality assurance can help you. As a strategic tool in the fight against terrorism and criminality, security quality assurance is extremely successful at identifying ‘credible risk’ and vulnerability as well as offering focused protection measures.

Motivate Your Employees With Redline’s Security Staff Training

Redline is happy to train all your ground staff to the highest standards and ensure that they are fully aware of the regulations, procedures and security requirements within the work place. To discover more about how Redline can help your staff, please visit our security staff training page.

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Endorsed by International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) as an Aviation Security Training Centre (ASTC)

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