Understanding Aviation Security Validations

Monday, April 29, 2024

What does ACC3 certified mean?

The UK Department for Transport (DfT) and European Union (EU) requires air carriers to obtain the ‘Air Cargo or Mail Carriers operating into the Union from a Third Country Airport’ (ACC3) designation.

The air carrier should contact the designated Member State that has issued the Air Operator Certificate (AOC), or Member State of their main base of operation. The Appropriate Authority is responsible for supplying the air carrier with all non-public security requirements and confirming the requirement for an Independent Validation (IV).

What is RA3 or KC3 validation?

An RA3 or KC3 (Third Country UK or EU Aviation Security validated Regulated Agent (RA) or Known Consignor (KC)) is a cargo manufacturer (KC), or handling entity (RA), located in a third country that is validated and approved based on a UK or EU aviation security validation.

What is the purpose of a validation?

The purpose of a validation is to assess the relevant security measures applied under the responsibility of the validated entity or parts thereof for which the entity seeks validation. It must, as a minimum, consist of:

a) An evaluation of security relevant documentation, including the validated entity’s security programme or equivalent; and

b) Verification of the implementation of aviation security measures, which shall include an on-site verification of the validated entity’s relevant operations, unless otherwise stated.

Who can conduct an ACC3, RA3 or KC3 validation?

A validation must be completed by an appropriately trained and approved UK or EU independent aviation security validator listed either on the UK or European Commission’s website, which is maintained by regulatory authorities.

What is a validation report?

A validation report must contain at least:

a) A completed checklist signed by the aviation security validator, establishing the level of compliance with the objectives contained in the checklist, including, where requested, comments by the validated entity;

b) A declaration of commitments signed by the validated entity stating the entity’s commitment to continue operation under the successfully validated operation standards; and

c) An independence declaration in respect of the validated entity signed by the individual performing the aviation security validation.

How we can help

Redline can provide ACC3, RA3 and KC3 assistance through compliance and training support in preparation for a validation or conduct the IV and submit the report to the approving Appropriate Authority by our UK and EU Independent Validator. 

To find out more about our UK and EU Independent Aviation Security Validations, speak to one of our experts today at sales@trustredline.co.uk and visit our dedicated Aviation Security Validations page.