Redline Software Products & Solutions Threat Image Recognition Training (TIRT) 3D & 2D

Threat Image Recognition Training (TIRT) 3D & 2D

Technological advances continue to improve the successful detection of prohibited items; however, the capability of the X-ray screener remains the key component in the screening process.

Our systems are used worldwide, helping clients reduce the risk to their screening operation by ensuring their screeners obtain the latest and best in TIRT.

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Redline TIRT is our fully EU and UK aviation regulatory-compliant, 2D and 3D Threat Image Recognition Training system and forms one of the Add-ins to Redline’s Security Management System (SeMS) product.

TIRT supports initial, compliance, continuation and remedial training with the use of an extensive image library of varied and representative threats and everyday items. All our 'images' are created in-house and contain realistic and credible threat items screened by Standard and Computed Tomography (CT) X-ray.

A fully configurable solution

Our CT TIRT supplements our long-established standard X-ray TIRT with full X-ray 3D volumetric CT functionality, providing the most technically sophisticated and intuitive image interpretation training solution available. The training is specifically designed for the new generation of Standard 3 CT X-ray machines, providing the same great benefits of our 2D TIRT whilst seamlessly transitioning between training for Standard and CT X-ray within a single application.

TIRT has been designed from the outset to be configurable based on your business processes and training requirements, whilst meeting national and international standards.

Major features

  • Full system functionality to avoid negative habit transfer
  • High definition, X-ray and CT X-ray image sets and volumes, with corresponding photos of all image content to support learning
  • A full and varied threat library, providing an unsurpassed level of training support
  • Dedicated training programmes for all threat types designed to progressively build and maintain competence
  • Outstanding trainee interaction and feedback, supporting self and guided learning
    Invaluable performance review mode for managers, supervisors and screeners
  • Dashboards and reports with analytics and performance comparators providing instant and extensive trend and performance monitoring

Major features

  • Easily configurable for managers and supervisors with intuitive reporting at screener and aggregated group levels
  • Cloud-based, which supports training and assessment across multiple users supporting synthetic testing
  • Corrective Action Plan (CAP) generator option, which automatically provides taskings to staff to support risk management
  • Meets all requirements of UK and EU X-ray TIRT (6x6)
  • Fully integrable into existing SeMS processes

Sectors we support

  • Aviation
  • Rail
  • Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)
  • Events
  • Justice system and high-value assets

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