Software Products & Solutions

SeMS Add-ins

Redline provides a number of applications to support an organisation’s Security Management System (SeMS). These applications are Add-ins to a core enterprise software framework: Redline’s Integrated Management System (IMS).

Redline’s SeMS Add-ins support all the routine security ‘doing tasks’, pulling together multiple inputs to create a dashboard-driven, Business Intelligence (BI) overview of performance and compliance, as well as risk exposure and vulnerabilities.

eLearning Solutions

eLearning provides the flexibility to learn when and where you need it, minimising traditional costs associated with training. Redline offers a wide variety of online and accredited eLearning courses, in addition to offering bespoke solutions aligned to your unique requirements.

Threat Image Recognition Training (TIRT) 3D & 2D

Technological advances continue to improve the successful detection of prohibited items; however, the capability of the X-ray screener remains the key component in the screening process.

Our systems are used worldwide, helping clients reduce the risk to their screening operation by ensuring their screeners obtain the latest and best in TIRT.