Redline Managed Services Mentoring and On-the-Job Training (OJT)

Mentoring and On-the-Job Training (OJT)

Professional and qualified mentoring to support your operation through change management when and where you need it. We can help your operation manage the challenges associated with an inexperienced workforce whether identified through growth or regulatory observation. We can scale to meet your requirements for as short or as long as required. We often find that after an initial surge, we can taper support as confidence and competence grows.

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How we can help

Our qualified managers and instructors are adept at overseeing the full training cycle, from formal instruction through to OJT, aligned to regulatory competence standards, and mentoring. In addition to ensuring your team understands the regulations, we will work with you to ensure they're aware of their responsibilities under your operating procedures and management plans and, more importantly, capable of implementing them.

  • Professionally qualified surge capacity to address a time-critical capability gap
  • Project management to deliver a defined package of work or outcome
  • Flexible contracts geared towards delivering the support you require, when you need it

Sectors we support

  • Aviation
  • Rail
  • Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)
  • Events
  • Justice system and high-value assets