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Equipment Testing and Trials

Regulatory authorities and commerce drive innovation in the development of security screening equipment. Applying effective security that balances the threat against risks and vulnerabilities is dependent upon the continual evolution of technology. As experienced operators of security equipment and providers of security testing, we're able to harness our experience to support the development of innovative ideas that seek to enhance security.

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Redline has amassed a wealth of knowledge in conducting security tests, and we are experienced in undertaking objective, analytical and independent assessments to support the development of technology. We work with entrepreneurs, start-ups and established equipment manufacturers to assess the effectiveness of new equipment or new applications of established technology. We will develop and implement a comprehensive assessment programme designed to support the development of screening equipment ahead of seeking formal approval from the appropriate authorities.

Sectors we support

  • Aviation
  • Rail
  • Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)
  • Events
  • Justice system and high-value assets