Quality Assurance

You've invested in your people and technology, and established systems and processes for the effective implementation of security, but how do you know that it's working? We have a dedicated team of Quality Assurance (QA) operatives who can provide you with an independent assessment of your security measures, and more importantly, guidance and support to address vulnerabilities where identified.

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How we can help

Redline routinely conducts in excess of 20,000 independent tests per year, which provide our clients with objective data upon which they can take appropriate action to continually improve their security. We also ensure that our clients are receiving the service they're paying for, at the standard they demand, where they use third-party vendors to deliver their security. We minimise the likelihood that a live incident is the first indication that you have a weakness in your systems and processes.

Our services

  • Covert Testing - We work with you to covertly assess the effectiveness of your security measures. We operate within your established systems and processes to provide you with an independent assessment of the effectiveness of your security screening measures. We also provide near real-time feedback via our SeMS Security Testing Add-in, enabling swift rectification where required.
  • Overt Testing - Where we've identified a vulnerability, or you want to raise awareness amongst your staff of the introduction of Covert Testing, we conduct Overt Testing so those present are aware of what is occurring, with greater focus applied to questioning staff to benchmark their confidence and competence in the application of their knowledge and your procedures.
  • Penetration Testing - Unlike Covert and Overt Testing, this assesses the broader effectiveness of your physical and procedural security measures in a non-destructive manner.

Our approach

We provide an independent, objective assessment of your security measures. We identify the point of failure and provide recommendations for improvement. Results are provided in near real-time via our digital security testing reporting system.

Our security testing reporting system provides you with an overview of performance, allowing for identifying trends and causal factors.

We have robust and established processes that ensure our testing does not affect your operation. We liaise with the police and other government agencies to prevent inadvertent escalation. We have a pool of over 200 qualified testers ensuring that we have the breadth and range of diversity necessary to replicate your customer base and people. 


Sectors we support

  • Aviation
  • Rail
  • Maritime
  • Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)
  • Events
  • Justice system and high-value assets