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UK and EU Independent Aviation Security Validations

The UK Department for Transport (DfT) and European Union (EU) requires air carriers to obtain the ‘Air Cargo or Mail Carriers operating into the Union from a Third Country Airport’ (ACC3) designation. ACC3 designation is only valid upon a successful EU aviation security validation, as performed by an Independent Validator (IV) accredited by an EU Member State or under the UK ACC3 Scheme.

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ACC3s are obliged to ensure that cargo and mail destined for the UK and EU is screened or comes from a secure supply chain. UK and EU regulations state that ACC3s must contain security verifications of their cargo and mail operations at the relevant non-EU airports. This verification activity must be undertaken by an IV, as certified by an EU or UK regulator.

As a fully qualified operator, Redline can work with you to ensure these independent validations are carried out to the standard required by the air carrier and their Member State of reference.

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