The UK National Aviation Security Programme (NASP) requires those operating within the (Known Supplier (KS)) Airport Supplies environment to receive appropriate training to ensure that they are familiar with the mandated security measures and their roles and responsibilities to maintain the security of Airport Supplies.

Redline provides the full suite of Airport Supplies courses, which will ensure that staff throughout your organisation, regardless of their role, have the confidence and competence to undertake their security responsibilities effectively.

We offer, where appropriate, multiple delivery options from pure instructor-led, through to blended (a combination of instructor-led and eLearning) and eLearning, to provide a cost-effective solution suitable for your needs.

The selection of Airport Supplies courses listed below are modular in nature, with each building upon the knowledge of the previous, and are therefore suited to the training of an operational team with multiple responsibilities. 

Note: Your people can only receive training that is aligned with their duties and responsibilities. It is an offence for your people to receive training above and beyond their legal requirements.

Course categories