eLearning Solutions

eLearning provides the flexibility to learn when and where you need it, minimising traditional costs associated with training.

Redline offers a wide variety of online and accredited eLearning courses, in addition to offering bespoke solutions aligned to your unique requirements.

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How we can help

With our eye-catching designs and interactive user interface, we aim to enhance your online experience through an engaging and meaningful learning journey. Whether this be purely online, or combined with instructor-led modules, we can provide a blended solution matched to your needs and regulatory requirements.

At Redline, our e-product line will give you instant access to industry-leading training, delivered through a state-of-the-art online training platform tailored to improve your skills at your own pace.

Our cloud-hosted eLearning packages provide high-quality, globally available and engaging training at highly competitive prices.

Our expertise

Our team of in-house eLearning and course design experts can create content curated to meet your specific requirements, from singular modules through to comprehensive company-specific programmes.

Each of our eLearning courses are delivered from our own cloud-hosted eLearning platform. However, we also offer dedicated eLearning environments branded to your requirements and can provide SCORM-compliant material that you can host on your own Learning Management System (LMS).

Major features

  • Accessible 24/7/365, with help desk support during normal UK working hours
  • Certificates are issued immediately upon completion
  • Runs on multiple technologies, including desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Supports multiple operating systems (including iOS) and browsers
  • Multiple user uploads
  • Client administrator capable
  • Bespoke, client-specific solutions
  • SCORM-compliant modules that can be hosted on the client's LMS

Available courses