Consulting & Assured Services

Document Authorship

Security programmes and associated documentation that articulate organisational security measures and procedures are the keystone upon which an effective security regime is built. Clearly articulated routines and responsibilities not only ensure regulatory compliance, but enhance efficiency and provide a handrail during a crisis.

Regulated Site Listing

We have vast experience in supporting clients obtain first-time site listings across the UK. Whether you're looking to consolidate or expand your operation, Redline can provide time-critical support to ensure that you're able to get your operation up and running swiftly and compliantly. We support clients with full project (end-to-end) solutions with specific phase support, compliance management or oversight.

FREDDs Certification & Quality Assurance

Free Running Explosive Detection Dogs (FREDDs) are approved for use in aviation by the Department for Transport (DfT) for screening air cargo. FREDDs offer a real-time detection capability for screening cargo for explosives in an operational environment.

Auditing and Inspections

Our Quality Assurance (QA) services ensure that you have the 'ground truth' of the operational effectiveness and compliance of the security function across the business. We measure performance to the highest regulatory security standards by reviewing your operational processes, your people and your system’s ability to mitigate the risks you seek to prevent. We can help identify and improve areas where you may need support by using our qualified auditors, instructors and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).  

Quality Assurance

You've invested in your people and technology and established systems and processes for the effective implementation of security, but how do you know that it's working? We have a dedicated team of Quality Assurance Operatives who can provide you with an independent assessment of your security measures, and more importantly, guidance and support to address vulnerabilities where identified.

Training Design

With over 15 years of experience in the design and delivery of training in accordance with the principles of ISO 9001, and as an approved provider of training under the CAA Quality Assurance Framework, you can trust Redline to support you in creating the appropriate training intervention for your organisation.  

Training Aids

Training aids provide context and support understanding in the learning and operational environment, supporting scenario-led learning.

As the foremost provider of security testing of screening in the UK, we are able to create training aids suitable for use with 2D and 3D CT X-ray screening technology to supplement any practical activity. Our training aids range from simple to complex and will provide your training team with the tools necessary to develop and assess competence.

Aviation Security Validations

The UK Department for Transport (DfT) and European Union (EU) requires air carriers to obtain the ‘Air Cargo or Mail Carriers operating into the Union from a Third Country Airport’ (ACC3) designation. As a fully qualified operator, Redline can work with you to ensure these independent validations are carried out to the standard required by the air carrier and their Member State of reference.