Compliance Monitoring & Mentoring

Compliance monitoring is the observation and analysis of security tasks, routines, procedures and adherence to standards and policies implemented to mitigate business risks.

Adequate compliance monitoring is only effectively achieved by using correctly trained and experienced staff that can recognize not only the occurrence of a non-compliance but can ‘correctly’ identify the singular and/or accumulative (root) causal factors. Too often the symptoms of non-compliance are seemingly corrected however the underlying cause remains prevalent and reemergence occurs within days (often hours).

Correct identification of non-compliances and timely intervention are key to the progressive improvement of compliance and the eradication of inconsistencies in the security workplace.

Redline compliance monitoring ensures both the timely identification of non-compliances and all casual factors as well as appropriate intervention to ensure prevention.

Redline use digital data systems to identify security trends, create corrective actions plans and provide clients with a digitally live security management system that allows for meaningful risk reductions and timely intervention with appropriate and effective mitigations.

We can undertake short term or embedded permanent compliance monitoring programs for:

  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • In-Flight supplies
  • Cargo and Regulated Agents

Additionally, we have expertise and experience in monitoring security compliance in the following areas:

  • High value and high risk buildings or facilities
  • Major Events
  • Public and Crowded places

Compliance and Security Mentors

Operational mentoring is a critical aspect of developing staff beyond the theoretical knowledge obtained in the classroom and the hands-on practical training undertaken during formal on the job training (OJT).  Mentoring allows staff to bring together knowledge and skills in real-life operational situations, while learning from experienced staff who have the unique skillset to point out and coach situational based application of skills and knowledge, to achieve the best balance between effectiveness and efficiency while remaining compliant to regulation or conforming to procedures.

Quite often operational situations arise that don’t have an obvious training objective, practical scenario or OJT module that prepares security staff to deal with it. Operational mentoring helps close this gap and reduce risk while also providing for a fast-track approach to improving and increasing experience for key positions and appointments.

Redline can deploy short-term or embedded operational mentors to transfer the necessary expertise that our clients can call upon to help develop their own management and staff. We can provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to undertake compliance management and security tasks from monitoring, identification of causal factors, reporting, corrective action plans, intervention and mitigation.

Our operational mentors have undertaken significant projects ranging from mentoring the national appropriate authority responsible for the implementation of security across an entire country, to mentoring security directors responsible for an entire organisational global security structure, to mentoring supervisors in a single airport search lane and security staff at access control points. The following is a small selection to demonstrate the breadth of roles we’ve mentored across the globe:

  • National Security Inspectors
  • Security Directors
  • Security Managers
  • Security Inspectors
  • Security Auditors
  • Security Supervisors
  • Security Staff responsible for searching and screening
  • Security Staff responsible for the implementation and maintenance of Security Management Systems
  • Security Staff responsible for correction action plans and rectification
  • Threat Assessors
  • Trainers including Train the trainer
  • Security Equipment selection, installation and operational use
  • Inspection, Audit and Corrective Action Planning

Operational Mentors are available for all security environments from airports and regulated agents to government organisations, crowded places and places/events of both major and special importance. Call us on 01302 288362 to discuss how we can assist, or complete the enquiry form below.


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