Embedded Supervisors and Managers

At Redline we pride ourselves on providing our clients with first class support. In recent years, experience has taught us that clients sometimes want and need that extra level of assurance, resource and management expertise, to assist them to achieve their immediate, medium and long term goals. Having 3rd party impartiality that is not burdened with day to day operational business pressures and can focus 100% on the job in hand is a crucial ingredient behind the benefits obtained from embedded experts.

We have developed a range of Manpower and Managed Services with the capability to support your organisation to address critical business security matters. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

Embedded Management: Managers who are experts in Security, who work autonomously for the client, with the added benefit of direct access to the wealth of experience and expertise of the wider Redline Team. Redline can help you with our embedded Security Managers (SM), who will manage your day to day regulated facilities. They will also help to protect your facilities using your own quality assurance programme or Redline’s corporate Security Management System (SeMS).

Supervisors: Security Supervisors who have the subject matter knowledge, combined with the ability and experience to take responsibility for a team and develop them to provide an effective, compliant, security service.

  • Risk reduction
  • Reduced management pressures
  • Reduced training expense
  • Compliance assured
  • Transition
  • Growth and surge
  • Overcome high turnover, recruitment challenges, retention of key skills and knowledge
  • Value for money with high performance guarantees

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