Threat Image Recognition (Capability Improvement)

We pride ourselves on being able to offer you the most user friendly, up to date and technically sophisticated threat recognition training system available.

Using genuine x-ray images of real-life (realistic and credible) threat items, the threat image training library exceeds the requirements of EU legislation and provides dual view images and functionality, using technology designed to avoid negative habit transfer. The system is designed to ‘finetune’ x-ray image screeners into cognitively detecting the smallest components of viable threats thereby significantly improving detection ability and screener confidence.

Designed by subject matter experts, this innovative product will provide you with the ability to readily identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities whilst also improving screener detection capability from its very first use; key aspects of the system include:

  • Detection improvements
  • Increased efficiency and confidence
  • Risk reduction
  • Progressive learning
  • Targeted learning for specific threats and risks
  • Performance monitoring and improvement

The system is available for aviation security with Cabin, Hold and Air Cargo, with dedicated threat training modules for new starters or progressive and specific threat training. The digital platform and analytics are SeMS ready and compatible with detailed post-training reports and dashboards to identify all screener performance strengths and weaknesses. Key benefits to our threat image training system:

  • Dual view images and functionality, just like the real x-ray machines
  • Focused additional training and review capability
  • Enhanced post-training report facility
  • Unique training management function to make your training easier
  • An unrivalled threat image recognition training system
  • SeMS ready

The system is currently available in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, and German with other translations available on request. Enquire now on 01302 288362 or complete the enquiry form below.


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Endorsed by International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) as an Aviation Security Training Centre (ASTC)

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