ALERT² – Threat Image Recognition Training


Designed by industry-leading IT specialists and subject matter experts, this innovative product will provide you with a better self-training system than ever before; identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities easily, saving you time and money on targeted training.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive airport screeners course, ALERT² is the ideal option for you. Featuring a multi-discipline capability which covers cabin, hold and air cargo. ALERT² also offers additional training, reviews and a detailed post-training report facility to help your security course go further.

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  • Over 6000 genuine x-ray dual view images, like the real x-ray machines, using technology designed to avoid negative habit transfer
  • Exceeds the requirements of EU legislation (11.4.1)
  • Focused additional training and review capability
  • Enhanced post-training report facility
  • Unique training management function to make your training easier
  • An unrivalled threat image recognition training system
  • Available in: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Bengali, Arabic, German, Greek

  • No management fees
  • Free technical support
  • Competitive pricing structure that provides significant discounts for bulk purchases, giving you not only the best but the most cost-effective threat image recognition training on the market.
  • Flexible payment options

“Redline are getting up to date information distributed to where it matters most. A very welcome addition to the training programme.”

Security Compliance and Training Manager


“The ease of use for all users, including myself as a manager and the X-Ray screen readers is great. Clear images, review function and constant updates with real threats are all the positives of this product. Availability and performance are of top quality”.

Security Compliance and Training Manager


“The immediacy with which the user can review images, and improve understanding and performance.”

Security Co-Ordinator


Scroll through our example ALERT² images below…

  • ALERT² Dashboard
    ALERT² Dashboard
  • ALERT²  Training Review
    ALERT² Training Review
  • ALERT² Threat Recognition
    ALERT² Threat Recognition
  • ALERT² Reporting
    ALERT² Reporting
  • ALERT² Graphical Data
    ALERT² Graphical Data

Important Notice:

In accordance with EU regulation 2015/1998, the Department for Transport (DfT) requires that no one may provide access to security training content unless there is written evidence that the background check/employment check required have been successfully completed. Therefore, as part of the process of accessing the ALERT course content, we require you, or your employer, to forward written confirmation that the required checks are completed and have been validated.



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What can I say, it’s great to have the knowledge that Redline are working for industry getting up to date information distributed to where it matters most. A very welcome addition to the training programme

Security Compliance and Training Manager

I have strongly recommended that all VDU operators complete the package.

Lead Trainer - Security Compliance

Redline provide us with covert testing and ALERT² CBT for our security officers. We’ve had no issues at all with them and I’m pleased we made the move. They are really quick at responding whenever we have a question, and we have a good relationship.

Daniela Deed
Data Analyst, Stansted

Endorsed by International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) as an Aviation Security Training Centre (ASTC)

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