Cargo Security Training

Department For Transport
1.5 to 5.25 Hours

Course Details

As the leading provider of innovative aviation security training solutions, Redline offers the following online cargo courses:

  • Cargo Aviation Security Principles (CASP)
  • Cargo Drivers
  • Cargo Operative (Warehouse)

We also offer online courses as part of the following blended courses:

  • Cargo Operative (CO) (with or without screening and x-ray)
  • Cargo Supervisor (CS)
  • Cargo Manager (CM)

The online training fully meets requirements of both UK and EU legislation.


  • Reduced Costs – No Travel or Hotel bills
  • Increased productivity – Delegates complete the course online at home or at work
  • Fully supported – Online or over the phone
  • Satisfaction – 5 star

Once you’ve completed your course, your certificate will be emailed to you or a nominated administrator immediately (where there are no practical elements), guaranteeing up to date and compliant training files.

Customer Reviews

“The course is interactive and engaging. It contains in-depth knowledge in very simplistic format to follow”

“A well thought-out course – it takes time to complete but I now have a much better understanding of the reasons behind air cargo security which I will bear in mind for the future.”

“Very informative course!”

“Well-presented and found the narrative useful.”

“The fully-interactive course has been designed with the needs of the trainee in mind and so allows for modules to be completed over a period of time before sitting the online exam. This minimises training time for those undergoing initial or recurrent training.”

Certificates are emailed immediately to the learner or the nominated administrator following successful completion of the course (where there are no practical elements). This ensures up to date and compliant training files.

Please refer to our other Cargo Security Training page for a breakdown of the air cargo security training syllabus and who in your team requires what training.

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Endorsed by International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) as an Aviation Security Training Centre (ASTC)

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