X-ray Threat Image Recognition Training (TIRT)

Redline TIRT is our exciting and fully EU and UK compliant, class leading threat image recognition training system and forms part of the add-in’s to Redline’s Security Management System (SeMS) product, ensuring Redline remains at the forefront of technical innovation and expertise.

Major features:

  • High quality, x-ray and CT x-ray image sets and volumes
  • A full and varied threat library, providing an unsurpassed level of training support
  • Outstanding trainee interaction and feedback, with all significant items having separate x-ray images and photographs
  • Invaluable performance review mode for managers, supervisors, and screeners
  • Dashboards and reports with analytics and performance comparators providing instant and extensive trend and performance monitoring
  • Easily configurable for managers and supervisors with intuitive reporting
  • Corrective Action Plan (CAP) generation option, automatically providing taskings to staff to support risk management
  • Meets all requirements of UK and EU x-ray threat image recognition training (6×6)

Computed Tomography for Threat Image Recognition Training

There is also now the addition of Computed Tomography (CT) support to TIRT. TIRT CT supplements the existing standard x-ray functionality with full x-ray 3D volumetric CT functionality, providing the most technically sophisticated and intuitive image interpretation training solution available. The training is specifically designed for the new generation of Standard 3 CT x-ray machines. You get all the same great benefits of TIRT whilst being able to seamlessly transition between training for standard x-ray and x-ray CT within a single application.

Watch this video to see the benefits of TIRT and how it supports the training and continuous development of CT x-ray screeners:

Redline are happy to advise on the integration of products and services into a client’s SeMS process, offering bespoke solutions, and innovative systems that utilise a software for collection, collation, and statistical analysis of data.

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Endorsed by International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) as an Aviation Security Training Centre (ASTC)

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