Payment Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions: Online Products and Purchases


All card transactions will be processed using the PayPal or Visa processing system, this is to ensure the highest level of security and ease of transaction.

PayPal impose a £500 limit on payments for new and ‘unverified’ customers. For orders over this value, please use the invoice purchase options.


These terms apply to all sales through this website. We reserve the right to make changes to the online portfolio of products and can withdraw items from sale at any time without prior notice. All prices are subject to change without prior notification, although every effort has been made to ensure the all information is accurate and relevant.

Making a Purchase

Acceptance of your order is subject to your order being placed correctly. All correctly placed orders will be acknowledged and confirmed by receipt of an email.

All prices shown are inclusive of VAT. You will be advised of any additional charges before you are asked to confirm the order and make final payment.

The online shop is only open to customers from the United Kingdom and to those that have a need to undertake the training as part of the employment requirements in accordance with EC300.


The delivery period will depend on the processing speed of the order, your timely return of any declaration and the service provider for your email account, but will typically be within an hour. You will be notified by a confirmation email once your product (course) has been authorised and approved for use.

Loss and Damage

Redline will not be liable for any consequential loss caused by failure of the host IT systems to accept delivery of, or subsequent utilisation of the product. Please refer to system specifications. Any claim must be made within 24 hours of delivery. Our liability in respect of any such claim is limited at our option to replace the goods or refund of the price and does not extend to any indirect or consequential loss.

Cancellation and Returns Policy

An order may be cancelled at any time between placement of the order and within 7 days following receipt of the goods. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason you may, within 7 days of acceptance of receipt of goods, contact Redline to arrange for a refund.

A refund for the value of the goods will be raised within 30 days. Redline reserves the right to charge a 15% cancellation and/or administration fee for all returned products purchased in good faith and returned without fault or justifiable reason.

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