Physical Security System Audits

At Redline, we understand that audits are key in looking after your security. Today’s increased terrorist threat and actions have driven advances in protective security systems. As such, governance has forged formalised approaches by organisations to their protection of assets, personnel and customers across their locations.

With operational requirements determining the security need based on risk, there is an increased reliance on integrated security systems to mitigate the consequences of an attack.

These systems represent a significant investment by stakeholders, and combine both physical and technical assets with human resource and security protocols, to counter vulnerabilities and reduce the residual risks to acceptable levels.

Prudence dictates that you should quantify this risk, in order that informed decisions can be made where improvements to assets or procedures are required – this is where Redline can help you.

We have extensive experience in the appraisal of protective security systems, and quality assurance of operating procedures on behalf of stakeholders.

Choose Redline’s physical system audits for:

  • Hostile reconnaissance
  • Assessment of the command
  • Control and coordination of security responses
  • Employment of improvised entry techniques
  • Destructive techniques and assessment (if required)

Utilising firm methodologies, risk assessments and method statements aligned to the operational requirement, Redline provides effective third party quality assurance for all your security needs.

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