Quality Assurance and Auditing

Redline can provide your corporation with quality assurance and auditing services, helping you to carry out audits, inspections and assessments. We can help you improve in areas where you might be lacking, thanks to our qualified team of auditors who can review recruitment and training standards and security procedures, whilst also helping to implement rectification programmes, and contingency planning.

Our Quality Assurance services include:

  • Covert Testing
  • Overt Testing
  • Operational assessments, through observation
  • Physical Penetration testing of security controlled areas
  • Hostile reconnaissance
  • Testing of CCTV staff awareness and response actions
  • Testing of perimeter fence security and response actions

Covert and Overt Testing also includes:

  • Testing of secure clean procedures on aircraft
  • Testing of engineering procedures and aircraft security at the stand or in maintenance
  • Testing of In-Flight Supplies security checks, loading procedures and protection of stores and supplies
  • Testing of Tools of the Trade
  • Access control testing by tailgating into secure areas
  • Testing around the clock throughout all operational hours
  • Access to our bespoke Redline Reporting System (RRS)
  • Use of regulated, advanced or custom built Test Pieces (TPs) to replicate current threat items

Our Auditing services include:

  • Document authorship – our experienced team will develop and enhance your Security Programme in line with current legislation and regulation
  • Our RRS which forms part of our SeMS capability provides real time analytics on test outcomes and trend analysis.
  • Pre-listing audits in preparation of a Regulatory Inspection.
  • Compliance to regulation audits and corrective action plans.
  • Audit schedules for Known Suppliers, Aviation Supplies, Regulated Agents, Known Consignor, IFS and ACC3 Validations.

We work with you to ensure you receive comprehensive reports highlighting potential vulnerabilities to your operation, as well as providing a detailed risk assessment and advice on how to mitigate, correct and protect your staff, the travelling public and vital assets. Your security requirements are addressed in a cost-effective manner.

Security Support Services

We can offer you the following support:

  • Security quality assurance
  • Audits of airport security operations
  • Authorship of operator and operational manuals
  • Security documentation development
  • Contingency planning reviews
  • Departmental development
  • Airport site visits
  • Practical incident management scenarios

Covert Test Operatives

Redline recognise that every person is unique and therefore is committed to creating a diverse environment with equal opportunities as we see every day in our nation’s busiest airports. We have access to over 200 contracted covert test operatives, who between them cover all aspects of diversity; whether it be race, religion and age for example, or even disability, when utilising our Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM). This further enhances our capability to provide an even wider range of tests.

Tailoring Audits to Your Organisation’s Needs

We are happy to discuss all of our auditing and support products with you in advance to ensure that we deliver exactly the right solution for your business. Our team has extensive experience of working in the EU, Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

The Redline mission is “to enhance the delivery of assured security in regulated, high value and high threat environments.”

As a Redline customer, you will be provided with an all-inclusive, carefree programme. As experts within the industry, we can also provide you with focused and effective solutions to quickly resolve any issues that fall outside of your own capabilities.

To discover how Redline can help you with an audit, assessment or a simple security review, call us today on 01302 288362 or complete the enquiry form below.


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