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In the past year, extremist groups and lone radicals have focused their attention on soft targets where high impact attacks result in mass casualties; often achieved on a low budget using a low-tech solution. Any event which gathers a crowd is now a highly-prioritised risk for a government and one which sees advice being communicated frequently. To have an event without any security is unthinkable but just how effective is it?

Typically, an event organiser would sub-contract their security provision but require the provider to assure their own security. The provision of impartial, third party quality assurance supplies both the organiser and sub-contractor with peace of mind that security is effective, well planned and customer-friendly.

If your event involves the screening or searching of the public, staff, vehicles, service providers and their equipment, then Redline has the capability and experience to underwrite your security, providing near real-time reporting and comprehensive reports to support you.

Redline are Europe’s leading independent provider of quality assurance for event security, and have a wealth of experience in providing quality assurance of major sporting events going back to 2010. Along with its partner, Arup, Redline was selected to provide quality assurance of security for both the construction sites for the 2012 London Olympics. Each site, the Athletes Village and the Olympic Park Site itself had their own challenges given the variety of items that were required by the construction teams. Redline worked closely with various units of the Metropolitan Police and the Olympic security teams to ensure that statistically robust intelligence was gathered and then acted upon in a timely manner. The assurance phase started some 2 years prior to Games, and then all the way through to ensure that the newly trained military security agents were doing what they were supposed to. With no security events to speak of, the Games were hailed as a great success and made 2012 a great year for the UK. Redline was proud to play it’s role in securing that fantastic event.

Roll forward to 2018 and the Commonwealth Games held in the Gold Coast. A smaller event, but nonetheless major. By now Redline had developed its innovative and modern Security Management System, Redline SeMS. When demonstrated to the security team from the Gold Coast, it was evident that this digitised system would be key in assuring the Australian government and the Commonwealth Games Federation that security was doing what is was supposed to be doing. Once in place the security teams rolled the system out to the Queensland Police for use operationally. Within 2 days several previously unidentified issues had been located and resolved within minutes in some cases. The use of SeMS for this major event was, in fact, a major success for the games security committee, the Queensland Police and again, Redline was proud to play its roll in this arena.

At Redline, we understand how important safety is to you as an event organiser. The risk is yours, not your security provider’s, so ensure that what you’re paying for is being delivered by calling us today on 01302 288362 or complete the below enquiry form.


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