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Risk Management Workshop (RMW)

This interactive workshop provides participants with the tools to effectively assess risk associated with the protection of civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference through the identification and evaluation of threats, consequences and vulnerabilities. It exposes participants to guidance material incorporated in the ICAO Global Risk Context Statement and provides them with the skills necessary to apply risk management methodology when determining the appropriate level of security measures to be implemented.

Upcoming course details

1–4 October 2024

Course duration: 4 days

ASTC Doncaster

Delivered at a location of your choice


Course duration: 4 days

ASTC Doncaster, or your location (when booked for a group of delegates)


This workshop is suited to aviation security management personnel directly involved in the assessment or management of threats, vulnerabilities and/or risks on behalf of their State, including but not limited to, the State's Appropriate Authority for aviation security, the national police force, intelligence agencies, airports, airlines and other aviation security stakeholders.

Course Content 

The workshop covers a wide range of topic areas, including:

  • Risk management overview
  • Establishing the context of risk management
  • Risk assessment (identification, analysis, evaluation, mitigation, communication and consultation)
  • Risk management process of monitoring and reviewing

 Course / Workshop Format

The workshop will be delivered through classroom instruction using presentations, group exercises, discussions and practical exercises.


There is no formal assessment for this workshop.

Forthcoming Dates

While we have several courses scheduled for delivery, we can deliver many more on-site for States, Regulatory Bodies and organisations across the European and North Atlantic Region. Please speak with our team to discuss your requirements.