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7 Days
Doncaster, United Kingdom

Course Details

ASTC Doncaster understands that your instructors are at the forefront of your business, ensuring your staff are fully prepared to offer a compliant and quality security product on behalf of your company. We will work together with you to give your instructors everything they need to be prepared, methodical and consistent in delivery.

Is The Course Right For Me?

At ASTC Doncaster, we cater to everybody’s individual needs, but our instructor training courses are particularly relevant for any personnel involved in the development, management and/or instruction of training materials related to a civil aviation security training programme. This includes:

  • The state’s appropriate authority for aviation security involved in the instructional duties or implementation of training programmes
  • Airport operators
  • Aviation security services providers
  • Other government or industry elements directly involved in the implementation of security measures.

What You Can Expect From ICAO’s Instructor Training Course

This seven-day course will improve your knowledge on basic training principles, the preparation of appropriate teaching aids and the tailoring of course material to ensure it meets local and national requirements.

Your team will be tested on their general knowledge of Annex 17 and the Security Manual – document 8973, as well as asked to present material from ICAO’s Aviation Security Training Packages. We therefore advise that your team has a foundation of AVSEC knowledge and exposure to AVSEC training material prior to attending this course.

Students Will Learn To:

  • Apply general principles of learning and instruction
  • Determine training objectives and devise tests to evaluate progress towards their achievements
  • Decide on the instructional method, individual or group tuition, best suited to the course
  • Plan and implement courses of instruction
  • Select, prepare and use appropriate teaching aids and use validated, material-dependent course materials, such as Standardised Training packages (STPs)

Students will cover the following key topics:

  • The role of the AVSEC Instructor
  • Principles of learning and instruction
  • Course organisation and preparation
  • Assessment of performance

There will also be practical delivery sessions with the use of ICAO ASTP courseware, in order to familiarise your staff with ICAO courses.

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Endorsed by International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) as an Aviation Security Training Centre (ASTC)

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