Redline Training Course Pages Academy Dangerous Goods – Non-Carrier

Dangerous Goods – Non-Carrier

This course will benefit all new and existing staff who require Dangerous Goods – Non-Carrier training as part of their role.

Course purchase of 1-10


Course duration: 1 hour

Multiple course purchase of over 10


Course duration: 1 hour

Course Overview

This IATA-compliant course is designed to provide aircrew with the knowledge required to identify approved dangerous goods required for the safe operation of an aircraft and recognise and respond to the discovery of undeclared dangerous goods.

Course Content 

This course contains the following core modules:

  • General Philosophy
  • Limitations
  • Labelling and Marking
  • Shipper’s Declaration and Other Relevant Documentation
  • Recognition of Undeclared Dangerous Goods
  • Provisions for Passengers and Crew
  • Emergency Procedures

 Course Format

This interactive DG – Non-Carrier course is available online and will take approximately 1 hour to complete.


  • Knowledge assessment (only 3 attempts allowed)


  • Aviation