Behaviour Detection Awareness (BDA)

This instructor-led course is designed to raise awareness among security staff of potential threats and the appropriate response and escalation on recognition of suspicious behaviour.

Course details


Course duration: 4 hours

NSSA (Doncaster) or location of your choice

Course Overview

Our BDA course will assist those responsible for security, to ensure their application of behavioural detection techniques meet the requirements and is successful.

Delegates can expect to develop their observation and awareness skills, which play a significant role in achieving preparedness, which is a key tool in preventing escalation.

Course Content 

The course covers a wide range of modules including:

  • The Aim of Behavioural Detection
  • The Benefits of Using Behavioural Detection Techniques
  • How Behaviour Detection Works
  • Potential Targets for Terrorism and Crime
  • Recognising the 4 Stages of Attack and Response


  • None (awareness only)

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