Behaviour Detection Manager (BDM)

This course is to give those responsible for managing, planning and deploying behavioural detection staff, the skills to carry out their duties in an operational environment.

Course details


Course duration: 4 days

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Course Overview

Delegates will be taught how best to control and integrate Behaviour Detection Officers (BDOs) to achieve the earliest possible detection, whilst effectively managing behavioural detection operations, including identifying and escalating potential threats by following their organisation’s procedures.

Course Content 

The course covers a wide range of modules, including:

  • The Threat to the Organisation
  • Introduction to Behaviour Detection, Roles, Responsibilities and Duties
  • Environmental Awareness and Operational Considerations
  • Observation and Assessments
  • Challenge and Accounting
  • Identification Checks
  • Resolution and Legal Considerations
  • Management of Behaviour Detection Teams and Operations
  • Managing Threat Response and Escalation
  • Debriefing and Reporting


  • Practical assessment

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