Aircrew Security

This course is designed to provide aircrew of UK-registered and qualifying aircraft with the knowledge and skills to conduct their security duties effectively and ensure they understand the legal framework of aviation security and the current threat while being aware of the wider security issues.

Course details for Initial


Course duration: 1.5 days

NSSA (Doncaster), London Heathrow or location of your choice

Course details for Recurrent


Course duration: 2 hours

Course Overview

This course will equip participants with knowledge of the legal framework and the confidence and competence to apply effective security measures within the context of their specific responsibilities.

The recurrent course is designed to refresh and update the knowledge of aircrew, ensuring awareness of changes to legislation and threats, etc.

Course Content 

The course covers a wide range of modules, including:

  • The Threat to Aviation
  • International and National Objectives of AvSec and Legislation
  • General Security Awareness
  • Searching and Checking Aircraft
  • Protecting Aircraft and Onboard Security

 Course Format

Aircrew Security Training (AST) will be delivered using a combination of classroom instruction using presentations, discussions, exercises and practical-based training.


  • Knowledge and practical assessment


  • Aviation

 Forthcoming Dates

We deliver this course at the request of clients to meet their operational needs. Please contact our team to discuss your requirements.