Advanced Anti-Terror Training includes Detection Dogs

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In a new program to upgrade security in Jordan, more dogs will be trained to detect explosives in airports. Jordan is a key ally in a conflicted area and part of the U.S.’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance program. The programme has so far had success as the trained personnel have uncovered several terrorist plots and uncovered items that where being smuggled.

Sniffer dogs have been proving their detection skills in the outskirts of Amman. They have successfully found explosives concealed under a fake rock and in the fuel tank of a car. More teams will be trained in the next few months and the dogs will be included in more security screening procedures. Electronic devices will now be under inspection from the dogs for passengers flying to the United States. Due to religious sensitivities the dogs will not touch the devices.

There is also to be an increase in sniffer dogs at airports in Egypt and Morocco.

To find out more about the programme and the other ways the money is being spent, visit Fox News.

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