Media Interest

Redline has experts available for analysis and comment on all security matters. Recent events surrounding the Russian Airbus A321 crash emphasises the importance of security measures at UK airports. Redline is experienced in assisting media sources in the form of professional opinion, expert comment and in-depth analysis of events.

Redline has previously provided assistance to:

• Sky News
• Channel 4 News
• BBC News
• Channel 5 NewsTalk
• Channel 5 Productions
• The Discovery Channel
• BBC Radio 4
• BBC Radio Leeds
• The Executive TV Channel
• The Financial Times

Feature Story News

The senior management are media trained and able to provide multiple points of view as experts in aviation security, commercial pilots, military aviation and aviation security technology.

Expertise within Redline is recognised by the International Civil Aviation Organisation, where Redline Directors are full time observers to various international working groups and provide professional opinion to the content of the Aviation Security manual (Doc 8973). Redline is also represented on UK national aviation security working groups.

if your organisation is interested in seeking these services from Redline, please get in touch with our Commercial Team:

Redline Assured Security
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Endorsed by International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) as an Aviation Security Training Centre (ASTC)

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